Almost all my guests are asking me to tell about Georgian Cuisine, so that’s what you need to know: – Georgian bread (PURI) in Western Georgia it is cornbread, which we call MCHADI and in Eastern Georgia we bake a bread in a huge clay furnaces called Tone and the bread we call TONIS PURI. – Georgia is very rich with homemade cheeses. In western Georgia it is popular Sulguni- which is a Georgian mozzarella & Imeruli cheese, which is made from cow milk. In Eastern Georgia people prefer saltier and spicy cheeses, like a goat cheese. – Mtsvadi for sure! It is kind of barbeque, but made in Georgian style on the grape wood’s fire. – Khinkalifamous Georgian dumplings with mutton or veal. Pastry rounds (as thin as it is possible) are filled with forcemeat and sealed on the top with a thick bunch. We eat khinkali with hands, holding the dumpling by its top “tail”. – Khachapuri is a farinaceous meal with big amount of the cheese. The most popular ones are Imeretian, Megrelian and Adjarian ones. Try all of them! – Pkhali – it is ground beets, spinach, or more ingredients with nuts. – Eggplants with the nuts – it is the must try dish in Georgia. Just try it and you will never forget the taste of it! If you will have a problem – what to take for friends as a souvenir from Georgia, take spices! Svan salt / Adjika / UtskhoSuneli and many many other ones. From sweets, the first I can suggest, it is a churchkhela. Made of nuts or wallnuts beaded on the tread and in flour-thickened grape juice. Today you can find more tastes, not only grape, in Georgia. Gozinaki – it is a traditional Georgian dessert with a crunchy texture, made with honey-fried, caramelized nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. And wine! Just with the word –wine, everything is said! Take as many bottles of wine, as it is possible. We have very tasty and good wine! From the white wines try Tsinandali dry / Kisi Dry. From Red dry ones, I suggest Saperavi. Semi-sweet or sweet Kindzmarauli is the best! For strong wine lovers the Mukuzani red dry will be perfect! What else you can add to this list?