GEORGIAN CULTURE OR WHY ARE WE SO SPECIAL?! Georgian culture is one of the most attractive reason, why you must come to Georgia. Recognition of Georgian culture became an international interest placing Georgia at the forefront of heritage tourism and research to become one of the great cultural legacies of the modern world.
Georgian monumental architecture, world famous polyphonic singing and traditional music, book miniature, rich spiritual and secular literature, colorful  folk dances and ballet, theatre and cinema, jewelry, metal works, enamels, and paintings all bear trademark qualities of this ancient culture.
Georgian culture is a mix of Anatolian, European, Persian, Arabian, Ottoman and Far Eastern cultures. You will ask why?! Remind yourself, the geographical location of Georgia… Its vector on the historic Silk Road enabled important trade connecting the north, south, east and west. Wars! Everything has had a big influence on Georgian culture and today we are the most unique and hospitable country in the world! Yes! In the world! Georgian culture is accommodating and very tolerant. Guest is a gift from God for us. For any traveler looking for the completely original and unique destination with diverse cultural influence, Georgia is the best choice!