There was a time, when Georgia was not united and every region was a separate kingdom ( i will write separate post about that topic). Once it was United in 10 century by king Bagrat |||, but already in 13 century the whole country was ruined by Mongols. Next time it became united in 1918 as a Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic and then only in 1991 till now exist as a independent united country. Speaking about political division of Georgia, it is divided into regions, two of them at the moment are occupied by Russia (Abkhazia & South Ossetia Regions). Each region of Georgia is known for its individual ethnic characteristics: – Gurians are known for their optimism and light hearted humor. – Megrelians are popular for their shrewdness and business acumen. – Imeretians are renowned for their communicative skills. – Kakhetians are the best in agriculture – Svans are known, especially among Georgians, as adept hunters and mighty warriors with strong insular tendencies and also like a very strict and non-humour. – Rachans are known to be highly skilled shepherds able to traverse the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains with ease…but one more characteristic of this region is slowness…people are too slow in their actions. – The people of Mtskheta-Mtianeti are hardcore mountaineers, highly sought after guides for tourists and Georgians alike. I must add, that mountainous people are also a little bit wild and rude. – The locals of Tbilisi are internationally known for their hospitality and openness to foreigners. – Adjarans are known for their adherence to traditional ways for life while remaining incredibly tolerant to other cultures and religions. – The people of Shida Kartli are revered for their resilience and persistence in the face of adversity. Guess why?! – Qvemo Kartli and Samtskhe javakheti are considered to be the most culturally and ethnically diverse regions of Georgia.