Georgian Dance or the visit card of Georgia… Georgian dances are divided into solo, twosome and group. Women move gracefully in short steps. Men show the eagerness to fight, which is expressed in fast movements, high jumps and courageous pirouettes. Both men’s and women’s backs always remain straight and motionless. In Georgia there is such a concept as “dancing dialect”. It means that each region of Georgia has its special manner of dancing such as Kakhetian, Kartalian, Svanetian, Mingrelian, Imeretin, Gurian, Adjharian,Mtiulian etc. Georgian singing and dancing culture is rich in genres. The national performing style and the traditions, which were passed from generation to generation, have been in formation for many centuries. When you come to Georgia, dont leave it without experiencing it. There are lits of restaurants, which offer georgian evenings.