One of the Best Gay Films In This Year’s Oscar Race Comes From Sweden, which was filmed in Georgia by Georgian director – Levan Akin. Billed as the “Georgian gay dance romance,” it premiered in Cannes in May 2019 and went on to win number of top awards at the Sarajevo Film FestivalGent Film Festival, Odessa Film Festival and Carl Film Festival. Two days ago it was showed in the cinemas of Tbilisi and Batumi, where all tickets were sold immediately. Ask why?! And the circus starts here: Radical violent groups and their supporters mobilized close to Amirani Cinema since morning, vowing to disrupt the screenings. They were saying, that this film is LGBT propaganda and this film is distroying all traditions of Georgia… that if someone will watch this movie, he can change its orientation and become gay!

That being gay is contagious and children must not be victims of such a movies! All cinemas were surrounded by police to ensure the safety of people, who came to see the film. There were clashes between opponents and supporters. There were also wounded people!

Sometimes I want to stop our planet and to get out! Georgia with their pseudo respect for traditions and with “male ass protection” seems to me like crazy aliens! It is just a movie,when our church’s authorities are doing that every single day with young boys…but accordingly that, these opponents are silent! Is “And then we danced” gay propaganda?! No! No! No! This is masterpiece of georgian movie! “And Then We Danced” is a sensual exploration of identity that pulsates with desire, highlighting the dancing and dramatic talents of its star Levan Gelbakhiani, who played his role perfect! I am full of emotions and cant free myself from there! BRAVO!