Sun in Georgia rises from the North Everyone, who arrive to Tbilisi International Airport, the first what meet them on the way to the city, it is a statue of a “Man and the Sun“, which is the symbol of Soviet Union, made by Zurab Tsereteli( known georgian sculptor, but very controversial because of its contacts with Russia) in 1981 year. It is very sarcastic, cause on the way to the centre you will go through George Bush’s road, then Europes Square, Freedom Square…Two different worlds! One, which miss the past and the second, which wants to be free and developed! So, going back to the statue, if you will pay attention, you will see, that the face of the man is looking to the north, when he must be looking to the east, cause sun rises from the east. When journalists asked Shevardnadze about that curious detail, in the times of Soviet Union, he answered very interesting and at the same time, very logical thing: – For Us the sun rises from the north, from there, where Moscow is, from there, where Soviet Union is! And this statue still is looking to the north and the old generation is still waiting for thw rise of the sun from the Moscow! But guess, if we have ever saw a sun from Moscow?!