Mother of Georgia – muscular woman…the main symbol of Tbilisi. In one hand she has a sword, whats means power and wish to fight and in.the second hand she has a cup with wine,that means hospitality. All guides say the same text about her. There is a story, that her husband has died in the war and she grow 3 boys, presenting them her personal life. Oh, such a sentimental story. But let’s look on this from the other side. Mother of Georgia is a symbol of Soviet Union and woman is with sword, what means, that women are androgenized, muscular, without any sexuality in her. Soviet Union with sculptures, books, songs has a big aim – to make all believe in the power of communism. Mother of Georgia has sisters in Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania. Some of them still have on them communistic symbols. All these sculptures were made to show the victory of communism on Germany. All monuments are in grey colors and all of them are muscular, with no body shapes, with angry faces. So, from all these mothers, I can say, that the calmest and sexiest is still Mother of Georgia, cause we can see the shapes of her body, her face is smiley. Scroll to see some of them! The author of this sculpture is Elguja Amashukeli. Have you ever heard about her such a controversial history?!