Let’s talk about museums in Georgia! 

often hear, that museums are boring, but i think, it depends with whom and which museum you are going to! Georgia has about 100 museums. In Tbilisi alone there are more than 20 of them. The major museum of the country is the State Museum of Georgia named after Simon Dzhanashia transformed in 1919 from the Caucasian Museum (founded in 1852).

There you will see the largest collection of Georgian culture monuments: material culture objects whose age starts from the epoch of the lower Paleolith – tools, arrowheads and spears, utensils, ancient ornaments as well as handicrafts from different areas of Georgia, the collection of coins both from Georgia and the countries of the Near East. The Museums are divided into geological, biological, zoological sectors as well as the ones dedicated to contemporary history of Georgia.

The second largest museum is the State Museum of Fine Arts named after S.Amiranashvili. Its “golden fund” contains the richest collection of ancient Georgian artifacts (including well-known enamels of the Khakhul triptych and the central enamel icon of the Mother of God) along with Russian, Soviet, West European and Oriental art. In my opinion worth visiting are: • The National Picture Gallery; • State Museum of Modern Fine Arts; • State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts; • State Museum of Music, • Museum of Theatre and Cinema; • N.Pirosmani’s State Memorial How often you visit museums during your traveling?!