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Holidays In Georgia


gudauri ski tour

Gudauri ski resort is the most popular ski resort in Georgia. If you would like to ski just for few days then Gudauri is for you. It offers variety of different ski tracks. Beginners, intermediate skiers and experts can easily find their favorite tracks here.

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Culinary tour

Khinkali is a popular dumpling made with a variety of fillings. In the mountains, this much praised dish is made with lamb, which comes in abundance, elsewhere, mixture of minced beef and pork is used.

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Today, more than 70% of wine is produced in Kakheti, making it Georgia’s primary wine making region. Although approximately 80 different grape varieties are recorded in Kakheti, perhaps the two most important are Saperavi and Rkatsiteli.

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Tbilisi city tour

fortress is well known landmark of Tbilisi. No one leaves Tbilisi without seen this amazing fortress. Narikala fortress draws your attention from all of sides Tbilisi. It overlooks Mtkvari River, which makes more visitable.

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Borjomi Tour

The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is one of the largest in Europe and covers more than 76,000 hectares of native forest and sub-alpine and alpine meadows. It is the first National Park in the Caucasus to meet international standards and officially opened in 2001. The flora and fauna found here is very diverse


Uplistsikhe Tour

The ancient cave city was built on a rocky bank of the Mtkvari River, approximately 15km east of the town of Gori. Between the 6th century BC and 11th century AD, Uplistsikhe was one of the most important political, religious, and cultural centers of pre-Christian Kartli, flourishing until it was ravaged by the Mongols in the 13th century. A full exploration of the cave city, named “God’s Fortress” will take around an hour.

Tours in Kakheti

Built in the early 19th century by the Chavchavadze family, the Tsinandali estate is encircled by well-maintained gardens and rare trees not found elsewhere in Georgia. The house itself has been converted into a museum honouring the poet Alexander Chavchavadze, leader of Georgian romanticism.


Tour Western Georgia

Kumistavi Cave, also known as the cave of Prometheus, is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo, 20 km from Kutaisi, Imereti region, in the west of the country. The cave was discovered in 1984 and is the biggest cave in Georgia. Although only one tenth is open for tourists, it takes about an hour to explore it’s 1000 plus meter route. A 280 meter boat tour on an underground river is also available at times