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One Day Tour in georgia


Day tours from Tbilisi

The area not only takes in the amazing Kazbegi region, home to glaciers, gorges and the 5,047 meter Mount Kazbegi,Georgia’s most developed skiing resort at Gudauri. Best of all, the whole province is just a short drive away from Tbilisi. There’s plenty to do in kazbegi, from absorbing the culture to creating your own exhilarating adventures.

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In the heart of Kakheti, one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia and to the east of the small city Kvareli, beneath the southern slope of Great Caucasus mountains the unique and beautiful Kvareli Lake Resort spreads over 300 hectares of beautiful natural landscape.

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prometheus cave

Wild canyons, roaring waterfalls and spectacular caves make Georgia impossible for any adventure seeking tourists to miss. In many of the caves you can find underground lakes and even original dinosaur footprints, preserved untouched for millions of years.

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Red bean is the star ingredient of our fourth recipe called lobio (bean in Georgian), a kind of thick soup flavored with various herbs and spices to make a rather unique dish that is often eaten with bread as well as cheese

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