The national festival is the best opportunity to venture into the national culture of the country, get to know the local people, learn a lot of interesting facts about country, taste local dishes and just have a great time. Each year various colorful festivals dedicated to national holidays and other events take part in the country.


Tbilisoba Feast has a great history. It has already commemorated for 37 times. This is traditional cultural celebration, which takes place in Autumn, in the last days of October.

The ceremony is situated in the Old Tbilisi, in Rike Park, in European Square and in Agmashenebeli Avenue.

Tbilosoba is remember to the history therefore everything is old style.  At the end of the “Wine-month” Tbilisi meets the past and the present, the life bursts out in a wonderful way. Tbilisi has always been multicultural and linguistic city, where coexisted different and indigenous cultures. This character of Tbilisi is preserved even more at Tbilisoba, especially in Abanotubani, where different origin people create their own “corner”. So here you can see many beautiful and unique traditions, handmade souvenirs, multi-ethnic sweets…  People in theatrical costumes will walk, dance and sing in the streets and invite people to Tbilisoba events.