1. Everything revolves around food – Georgians love to eat! Every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even a funeral, is based around food.

2. ‘Not being hungry’ is unacceptable in Georgian families, so when you are invited into a Georgian family home, be sure to go with an empty stomach, as a Georgian will always offer you something to eat.

3. There are special meals on special holidays – Georgians make special meals for individual holidays. For instance, on St. Barabara’s Day on December, 17, it is a rule to bake Lobiani, a black bean pie, while Christmas on January, 7 calls for Guruli Gvezeli – a variety of Khachapuri but with boiled eggs.

4. Everyone is named Giorgi, Mariam, or Nino – These are the most common names in Georgia, after the main saints of the country. Thus, everyone knows at least 50 Giorgis, 30 Ninos and 20 Mariams.

5. People ask really personal questions – Oh boy! Many Georgians like to know everything, and ask too many personal questions that are none of their business. The questions can encompass anything from how much you paid for a particular thing, what your total income is, or why you’re not having a baby after being married for a month!

6. Never sitting with your back to someone – Never sit with your back to someone without apologizing – it’s an unwritten rule of being rude if you do so.



7. Mineral water cures everything – Georgia is a country full of natural springs. Most of these mineral waters are believed to have curing effects. For instance, the number one hangover cure is to drink Borjomi mineral water.