kakheti is a area in eastern, part of Georgia. It is a good region for wine lovers. But wine is not the only component kakheti offers.
Signagi is a small town which is worth to visit in kakheti.  Signagi(Sighnaghi) is a charming town having its own very romantic atmosphere.  Signagi ( Sighnaghi) is called as city of love, it’s popular destination because of it’s awesome landscape. Sighnaghi is a good place for walking tour, (which we offer in our tour package).

Signagi is all rounded with fence, which is world’s second longest wall after The Great Wall of China.

Bodbe monastery

If you want a  quiet place then Bodbe monastery is a good destination. Monastery was constructed in IV century AD, on the tomb of St. Nino who has to extend of Christianity in Georgia. The Cathedral of St. Nino at Bodbe was built in the 9th century and was so many times  renovated by Georgian kings.
at the present time Cathedral  functions as a nunnery. The place is near from signagi(sighnaghi).  Near of monastery there is St. Nino’s spring, it’s said that spring has  healing power. Cathedral  has an amazing view of the Alazani valley with the Caucasus Mountains.

David Gareja Monastery

The David Gareja Monastery complex consists of 13 monasteries. The reason this spot seems very natural is that buildings naturally blend with the landscape.

Kvareli  Lake

Kvareli Lake is a spot for people who want to find relaxation. It is surrounded with forest which gives the lake a peacefulness. The place is quiet, magical and full a enjoyment.

kakheti region

kakheti region