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Best places to visit in georgia

The Best places to visit in Georgia


the 60km pressure into the barren region from akhaltsikhe to the cave town of vardzia is as dramatic as any in georgia outside the excellent caucasus. the street follows the higher mtkvari river, passing through slim canyons after which veering south at aspindza alongside a mainly stunning valley reducing like a green ribbon among arid, rocky hillsides.

vardzia is a stunning cave monastery near aspindza in southern georgia. this underground monastery become built within the twelve th century, below the reign of queen Tamari, the first female that was ever crowned as a queen in georgian history.

you might marvel how they survived here. the land on the out of doors of the hidden monastery changed into extremely fertile. the monks created a self-sustainable lifestyle via developing an irrigation device of terraced farmlands so they might produced their personal food. some tunnels had irrigation pipes that also convey drinkable water. they weren't brief on wine both due to the fact the cave town had approximately 25 wine cellars containing 185 wine jars.

coming to vardzia count number to live here for a few hours, so you can explore the whole lot without hurry. after the tour you may have a meals or coffee at the financial institution on of the river and then ( simplest with me) you will be available to loosen up in sulphur warm herbal springs now not far from there.



khertvisi fortress

Rabati Castle

Rabati castle is a beautiful blend of Christian and Muslim architecture. Don't miss this place if you will be in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, but take a guided tour inside to hear the history and legends about this place! Scroll to the right to see more photos snd videos from this place.


Rabati Castle

Batumi botanical garden

If you want to feel like in paradise full of different plants, trees, flowers from almost all geographical climat zomes and ofcourse breathtaking views on Black Sea, you must visit Batumi Botanical Garden, which is the largest one of the former Soviet Union. The Batumi Botanical Garden was started by the  botanist Andrey Krasnov in the 1880s and officially opened on November 3, 1912. He was aided by two skilled gardeners and decorators – the French D’Alphonse and the Georgian Yason Gordeziani. Under the Soviet Union the garden was further expanded and developed, since 1925, into a principal institution for the study of Caucasian maritime subtropical cultures.

Currently, the garden consists of nine floristic sectors, those of Caucasian humid subtropics, East Asia, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, and of the Mediterranean. You must come here and walk in all sections without hurry and enjoying the views and the flavor of air full of aromas flowers. There are nice places to sit and relax, if you will feel tired ( and you will feel for sure, cause normally we walk about 10 km during the day in the garden!). Now we are on our way to Borjomi! If you are going to visit Georgia and need a guide or need a help, feel free to contact us.

Botanical garde


Botanical Garden


And here we are! Batumi - city of sunsets... city of of of cities! Yesterday Batumi met us with such an amazing views and mega nice weather! And I think, we deserved it, cause we were on the road about 10 hours with photo stop in Kutaisi - Bagrati Cathedral, then one more attraction was a Prometheus Cave ( you can see video in our stories) with 14 degree temperature inside, when outside it was about 30, so we wanted to stay there for a longer time, then we decided to relax and went for mineral waters baths in Tskaltubo,what was the best decision for yesterday, because we really enjoyed it and after baths we drove directly to Batumi for tasty dinner on the bank of the Black Sea. Just watch these shots! I can fall in love with them every time i come here! And even today is a 1 September, the season will last here for 2-3 week longer! If yiu want to feel in Georgia like in an European Country, visit Batumi! What you can see here and what you can do, i will write in the next post! Cheers!

batumi seaside


Chacha Tower
Piazza Street

David Gareja

welcome to David Gareja Monastery Complex. There are 3 cave cities in Georgia and one of them is actually this place,which is situated in semi desert on the border with Azerbaijan ( which occupied some part of monastery and today we are not able to visit Lavra for example. It looks like baby is taken from mother and they have no right to hug each other despite the fact,they stand near each orher.) When i visit this place, every time i have a question - who and how was able to build this amazing cave city and then to live here- in desert,where the silence is too loud and the views around looks like a moon. Sometimes I think that, people from many centuries ago were more smart,cause the buildings from 6th century last till nowadays and the buildings built few years ago are already damaged. When you travel in Georgia don't miss David Gareja, cause this is absolutely different and exciting place,which will make on you greatest impression with its strict nature and amazing atmosphere

david gareja in kakheti


David gareja


New photos always means new trip with new people for new emotions and new experience! And every time the same places for me looks so different and exciting, cause i am looking on them from the prism of my guests, who see it for the first time. The longest trip in my life started today and will last for more than one month... During that time I will be guiding 4 different groups without any day of free, so if i will spam you with photos and videos, I am sorry  but it is worth to follow our stories, so you can see and explore lots of beautiful and interesting places in Georgia... As for now, I am going to sleep, cause tomorrow we have in plans David Gareja and then overnight in Gudauri. Every day we will change the place of overnight and will try to see all main places of my homeland.


Sighnagi National Museum