Rustaveli Avenue And Freedom Square

These places  are the center of the city, where many of the governmental, cultural and business facilities are placed.  If you walking  Rustaveli,  you can observe daily life in the city. There are so many spots where you can relax and get something to eat.

There are the very beautiful buildings in the city, For example  the Georgian National Opera Theater  and the old Parliament Building. Near the grand buildings, there are many bars, cafes and hotels all along the avenue.

Old Tbilisi

The main sights of the capital of Georgia are clustered in the Old Tbilisi. This area is interesting for its sulfur bathhouses fed by natural hot springs. Nearby on Shardeni Street you will find plenty of modern, popular restaurants, open air café-bars, trendy night clubs and art galleries.


fortress is well known landmark of Tbilisi. Narikala fortress draws your attention from all of sides Tbilisi. Narikala overlooks Mtkvari River, which makes more visitable.

Mtatsminda Park, Funicular

Behind the old Parliament Building, is funicular that goes up to Mtatsminda mountain.


The Statue of Mother Georgia

You can also find the Mother Georgia, the statue of a woman carrying a bowl of wine on one hand and a sword on the other, which is representing Georgian hospitality and their fighting spirit.

Dry Bridge Market

Browse this eclectic market, and you’ll find anything from Soviet memorabilia to household items to artwork. It’s a vibrant spot to hunt around for a unique souvenir from your travels.

There are the vendors selling Soviet memorabilia and household items, and then there are the vendors selling crafts, souvenirs, and artwork. Haggling is expected, but it’s unlikely tourists will get as good a deal as a local—the market is cash only and very little English is spoken, but the vendors are friendly and welcoming.

The flea market is located on, below and next to the centrally located bridge that connects Dedaena Park with Zaarbriukeni Square on the other side of Mtkvari.