Batumi is a main resort destination in Georgia.

Parks, beaches and a fascinating Old Town makes Batumi an ideal vacation spot.

Miracle park based on the coast of Black sea resort town Batumi, features Alphabet tower, Statue of Lowers, Lighthouse, Ferris wheel and Chacha tower. Park is directly connected to Batumi boulevard.

Alphabetic Tower  is a 130 meter-high construction in Batumi, Georgia. The tower symbolizes  of Georgian alphabet. The construction combines the design of DNA, in its familiar double helix pattern. Two helix bands rise up the tower holding 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, each 4 meters tall and made of aluminum.

Chacha tower is really amazing tourist attraction place in Black Sea, town of Batumi. Originally built in 2012.  it is symbolizes to feature Georgian national spirit chacha fountain instead of water.

Piazza square in Batumi is one of the amazing of city  square features luxury and boutique hotels, cafeterias and interesting architectural elements.

The “Ali and Nino” moving statue in Batumi is  amazing sights in Georgian Black Sea resort.