EUROPEAN ARCHITECTS IN TBILISI This route includes the residential and public edifices designed by foreign architects in Tbilisi, which have contributed to creation of the artistic and historical image of the city. 1| 2, FREEDOM SQUARE. TBILISI SAKREBULO – TBILISI CITY COUNCIL. The building was built under the Imperial Russian rule in the 1830s and […]

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Old Tbilisi

1| GANJISKARI (GANJA GATEWAY) one of the historical gateways to Tbilisi and remains of a 9-18th c. defensive wall in the 300 Aragvian Park area. The road starting at Ganjiskari gate led to Ganja in today’s Azerbaijan, hence, the name. Archaeological excavations have revealed remains of a large pottery destroyed under the first invasion of […]

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Tours in georgia Attested by archaeological excavations, the territory of Tbilisi had been inhabited as early as the 4th millennium B.C. The most ancient source, in which it is mentioned, belongs to the second half of the 4th century, when a fortress was erected at this location in the reign of King Varaz-Bakuri. At the […]

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georgian food

Food & Wine

Welcome to Georgia! Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its native food and wine. And Georgia’s food and wine is amongst the best in the world. It may surprise you to know that Georgia has the oldest continuous unbroken tradition of wine making in the world, stretching back […]

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WELCOME TO SAMEGRELO Tropical summers, mild winters, exotic fruits, hot spicy dishes and unforgettable hosts – Samegrelo is a hard place to leave, located among the ravines created by the Rioni, Enguri and Tskhenistskali rivers and the Black Sea. Also known as Mingrelia or Mengrelia, this western region is kept warm and humid by the […]

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WELCOME TO RACHA-LECHKHUMI Racha is a special, completely unspoiled and beautiful place high in the mountains, boasting a landscape of mountain forests and high alpine meadows. The lowlands are covered with forests of beech, pine and spruce trees. For visitors to the region, Racha is a giant outdoor playground. With raging rivers, the region is […]

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WELCOME TO KVEMO-KARTLI The South Georgian region of Kvemo-Kartli is one of Georgia’s most overlooked treasures. Full of natural beauty and magnificent ancient monuments, as well as archaeological sites and remains, there’s so much for history buffs to absorb. The region is characterized by continental climate, with a landscape ranging from lush, forested steppes to […]

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MULTICULTURAL TBILISI Tbilisi is known for its multicultural roots and forms. This route presents religious and public venues for peoples of various faiths and ethnicities mainly concentrated in Kala and Chughureti area. 1| 20, GALAKTIONI STREET CAUCASIAN HOUSE AND SMIRNOV MUSEUM Smirnov Museum is located in the former residence of Empress’s Lady in Waiting Aleksandra-Rosetti […]

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tours in west georgia


WELCOME TO GURIA With such diverse natural surroundings, there’s something for everyone in Guria. From the beautiful subtropical landscapes, to the Black Sea coastline, from the sweeping lowlands to the majestic snowy mountains, it’s truly a unique and magical destination. There’s plenty to keep you busy in Guria, whether you’re into hiking, kayaking, fishing, or […]

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tours in imereti


WELCOME TO IMERETI The region of Imereti was originally part of the ancient Colchis kingdom. A legendary place, well known for its abundance of gold, it was here that the Argonauts were said to have travelled to find the Golden Fleece. Archaeological digs have revealed the remains of a massively rich and thriving Hellenistic culture. […]

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