As i said, this was my first pilgrim tour, where I was a guide and I was feeling a very big responsibility. First part of our pilgrim is over and now group is in Armenia for a few days, so i can make notes. It was a great opportunity to observe the main differences between these two brunches of Christianity.

We are both Christians, but still diverse. Padre in catholic religion is more in touch with people, he can joke , he can speak about everything and we will not think, that he is standing higher, than us.

In Georgia we are judged all the time by priests, who are acting like a boss. You cannot dress a short dress, you cannot smoke a cigarette, you cannot have a relationship without marriage, you cannot be different, you cannot be free, cause church will always judge and will make you feel sin.

In communication with Georgian priests you have a fear but in communication with padre ( from our pilgrim tour) you feel respect. That’s my own opinion and please do not take it in other way. Why i think so?! My group wasn’t able to see the BODBE monastery and the Saint Nino’s grave, cause there were priest from different regions and we weren’t allowed to go to the Monastery, police said, we can be dangerous for them,so our pilgrimages weren’t able to visit Bodbe and lots of other situations, which i will not list.

My pilgrimages are happy with me and in few days we will have 3 more days to explore one more region of Georgia and to visit its saint places. I am satisfied with the work i did already and i will do in future. Now i can offer also pilgrim tours and be sure,that you will be satisfied with all details. Have a nice day! Kristianna from Travel Time

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