With its long history, tiny town centre and breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley, Signagi never leaves its visitors not satisfied. Another you must see Bodbe Monastery. It’s Located just two kilometres from Sighnaghi, the area is a important religious place there is a the remains of St. Nino, the saint who brought Christianity to Georgia


A coastal city and leading summer destination for locals, Batumi has also become quite popular internationally. The bustling nightlife, modern architecture and wide range of dining opportunities are what makes Batumi an exciting destination for tourists. The main attractions are all located within walking distance along the Boulevard.


In the north of Georgia, at the foot of the Mount Kazbek, there is a small settlement called Stepantsminda. It is located 165km in the north from Tbilisi and only 11km from the Russian border. Stepantsminda is the best place for people who loves mountains. If you are outdoorsy person and love hiking then you can go further and climb to the top of the Mount Kazbek which is one of the highest peak not only in Georgia but in Europe. There are so many attractions around Stepantsminda. You can see Beautiful Gergeti Trinity church which is looking down to Stepantsminda from the mountain. You can get there by car or even by walking as it’s very close to the center of Stepantsminda. If you go little bit further, you can see Gveleti waterfall which has fantastic nature. Also Dariali Gorge is super beautiful and you can see Dariali Monastery there. Stepantsminda is also very close to the most visited destinations like Juta and Truso valley.

Road of kazbegi



Borjomi Municipality is one of the best places for recreation, mountain sport, hiking or to get acquainted with centuries-old patterns of Georgian culture. There are a lot of hiking trails with forests, panoramic views and lakes. You should definitely visit the Borjomi sulfur basin for relaxation. There are many major monuments of different eras and cultures in this area: megaliths of a thousand-year history, the remains of ancient culture, fortresses, that have witnessed many battles and courage, the famous and outstanding temples, that tell a lot about the past and cultural development of Georgia. The XIX century architecture of Borjomi is also very interesting.


Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities in the world, rich with history, architecture, historical and natural monuments. For this reason, it is visited by many foreign and local visitors. Kutaisi is in Imereti region located on the bank of Rioni River. The city lies at an elevation of 125–300 meters above sea level and is considered as the center of Imereti. Imereti Region Geographically is located at the center of Georgia and has a good natural boundaries.
Kutaisi is a well-developed city in Georgia and is ranked as the second city after Tbilisi.
Here are a lot of restaurants, cafes, hotels. Here you can also find museums, a Cinema, theater and different things that have other developed cities too.
Kutaisi occupies an important place in Georgia, with its past, present and future. This is the city you need to know.