Every tourist which is travelling in Georgia with me, is asking about the economy and the main natural resources which are the basis of potential economic growth…The major is wine making, the country grows about 500 varieties of grapes.

Country of Mineral Waters and Wine

Georgia always was the country of the fertile and rich lands, so one more resource is agriculture. One more resource are mineral waters, in Georgia we have about 750 mineral water springs, but the most popular one is for sure Borjomi, which is known in all over the world.

After 1991 year of Georgia

In the soviet times, Georgia was exporting agricultural and industrial products to other republics of the Union and Georgia was a popular destination. After 1991, the manufacture volume reduced to 70 % and export to 90 %, which caused a rapid inflation rate. There was chaos in the country: no economy, no law and order, no local currency, no industry. Although Shevardnadze did not have any personal experience in governing a democratic country, he possessed great intuition and thus he began building a civil society in the country. He used his personal contacts which were established during his time at the Soviet foreign ministry and in 1995 Georgia adopted a new constitution.
During his time in office the country was accepted into the United Nations as a full member and all the countries recognized Georgia’s independence. Georgia received and established its own national currency called the Lari in 1995. Georgia applied for NATO membership.
However, corruption, failure in the rule of law and other sins were present, but it was the heavy heritage of the Soviet past. In 2003, Shevardnadze was forcefully removed from the presidency and he resigned.
After the revolution of the roses in 2003 the new government took drastic measures to re-structure the political system, eradicate corruption, stabilize economy and budget. Just in one-year country saw the considerable growth of economy. During the next 9 years, Saakashvili built the country from the zero, which just a few years ago was not known to anyone.