Georgian wedding tradition

Georgian wedding tradition begins with “machankloba”. This is the tradition of matchmaking. It involves family members and friends, who assist in arranged meetings to match prospective couples. The next step is “nishnoba” which represents engagement and culminates in the wedding ceremony of “kortsili”. Georgian weddings are known for an immense number of invited guests, which […]

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And Then We Danced

One of the Best Gay Films In This Year’s Oscar Race Comes From Sweden, which was filmed in Georgia by Georgian director – Levan Akin. Billed as the “Georgian gay dance romance,” it premiered in Cannes in May 2019 and went on to win number of top awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Gent Film Festival, Odessa Film Festival and Carl Film Festival. […]

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Georgian wine

“If you’d had a drink and became sad, You’re not a man, you are not a Georgian” – thats the words from a Georgian traditional song. For Georgians, wine is not just a drink. The Georgian tradition of winemaking is thought to have originated approximately eight thousand years ago.Throughout history, winemaking has not only the […]

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Museums in Georgia

Let’s talk about museums in Georgia!  often hear, that museums are boring, but i think, it depends with whom and which museum you are going to! Georgia has about 100 museums. In Tbilisi alone there are more than 20 of them. The major museum of the country is the State Museum of Georgia named after […]

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Dance of Georgia

Georgian Dance

Georgian Dance or the visit card of Georgia… Georgian dances are divided into solo, twosome and group. Women move gracefully in short steps. Men show the eagerness to fight, which is expressed in fast movements, high jumps and courageous pirouettes. Both men’s and women’s backs always remain straight and motionless. In Georgia there is such […]

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Folk music in Georgia

Georgian songs

Georgian songs as a masterpiece of oral immaterial heritage….There are just a few countries in the entire world with such a developed choral culture as in Georgia. The national originality of Georgian people fully is fully reflected in harmonious singing. The roots of polyphonic church chanting go back to the 5 th century AD. Originally […]

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tbilisi sculptures

Man and Fire

Sun in Georgia rises from the North Everyone, who arrive to Tbilisi International Airport, the first what meet them on the way to the city, it is a statue of a “Man and the Sun“, which is the symbol of Soviet Union, made by Zurab Tsereteli( known georgian sculptor, but very controversial because of its […]

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mother of georgia

Mother of Georgia

Mother of Georgia – muscular woman…the main symbol of Tbilisi. In one hand she has a sword, whats means power and wish to fight and in.the second hand she has a cup with wine,that means hospitality. All guides say the same text about her. There is a story, that her husband has died in the […]

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Georgian Paintings

Painting and Architecture in Georgia

Georgian painting is represented by the works of such masters as legendary Niko Pirosmani, Gigo Gabashvili, David Kakabadze, Lado Gudiashvili, Cornelius Sanadze,Elena Akhvlediani, Sergey Kobuladze, Simon Virsalasze and Ekaterina Bagdavadze.Famous Georgian sculptors include Eldudzha Amashukeli, Irakli Ochiauri and Zurab Tsereteli. Architecture in Georgia ranges from post modern high-rises to art nouveau dwellings, Indo-Islamic theatres to […]

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Georgian Cinema

Georgian Cinema The birth of Georgian cinema is related to the beginning of the 20 th century. The first film was made in 1912. Back then nobody knew that Georgian movies would be recognized all over the world. Georgian film directors such as Eldar Shengelaya (“Sherekilebi”), Georgi Chkheidze (“Pirosmani”), Tengiz Abuladze (trilogy “Entreaty”, “The Tree […]

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